Hands Free Ranking Long Tail Keywords for 2019 — Step by Step

webinar replay Feb 23, 2019

Here we talk about two completely different methods for ranking keywords — one that involves a bit of effort and one that is TOTALLY Hands Free!

Visit: https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/traffic-network-domination

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22 Feb 19 - SPECIAL Roundup

We got keywords ... that jingle jangle jingle!

Get enough of them and that change will turn into bills that you can fold over and take to the bank!

Is it possible to corral enough long tails to make serious bank?  Is it worth the effort???  Join us Saturday, as we dig into long tails and ranking in 2019.  

Long Tail Ranking Domination - MDS SPECIAL SESSION Webinar to find out more!

Last Thursday's Webinar

This week we discussed Micro Moments, how mobile tech has fractured the buying cycle into micro moments, what this means to sellers and methods available for you to capitalize on this NOW.

Bottom line, Micro Moments are here, it's not a fad, but will become the defacto standard for how we will do the majority of our shopping as we move forwards.

Replay here: https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/products/digital-marketing-cracked-and-condensed/categories/1142929/posts/3854490

Next week is BYOW / BYOQ! Show up live to have your website (or your client's)...

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16 Feb 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Feb 16, 2019

Yo!  It's been a busy week.  We restarted our regular Member's Only webinars, had our first Total Video Domination Coaching webinar, and talked about several things going down in the industry over on our FB page.

Here are the details:

Weekly Webinars

This week we kicked off the return of our weekly Member’s no-fluff, info-packed webinars! We looked at one page websites and how to SEO the darn thing so it can rank!

Next week we will be discussing Micro Moments and how it's reinventing the way companies approach marketing to drive long-term value. Don't miss it!

Join us live each Thursday 2pm Mountain.

Replays can be found in our Ninja Training area (plus a whole lot more...) - Shameless plug because some folks told me they didn't know I had this course for sale:

  • Essentials for Digital Marketing Domination in 2020 and beyond
  • These are the tactics I'm using NOW for client fulfillment (not some rehashed thing that barely works any more)
  • Every Month A New Cracked and...
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14 Feb 19 - MDS Member's Webinar - One Page Websites

webinar replay Feb 15, 2019

Find weekly webinar replays, plus a whole lot more...

  • Monthly Cracked and Condensed Courses
    • No-Fluff Instructions
    • Handouts, Infographics, Checklists
    • Content Calendars
  • Monthly Complimentary Vacation Certificate Drawings

Get it here:

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Introducing Total Video Domination

Reach Up To 850% More Buyers... and make 64% more likely to buy.

I don’t know about you, but the number one thing my clients clamor for is more traffic and more conversions. They might hire me for SEO or paid traffic...

But the bottom line is more sales.

You guys know me... I’m always testing stuff... trying new things, refining what works.

And it’s time for me to share with you what I’ve found. It’s working like gangbusters for my clients, and (though I haven’t had time to use it for MY OWN marketing) I want to share it with you.

I must say, this is insanity on tap. Not something you’ve heard me talk about before, but immediately actionable and you’ll walk away from the call with enough information to be able to make a substantial difference in your marketing.

Watch the replay from Tuesday's live stream... the Friends and Family Discount is available until midnight on Friday. Don't miss out.

Visit TVDtoday.com

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Cybersecurity June 2018 DDM Monthly Webinar Replay

cybersecurity Jun 07, 2018

This month Rich Boyd, a certified and highly skilled Cybersecurity expert, joins us to talk about how the Internet of Things and mobile devices have blown holes in our network security.

We discuss ways that these avenues have been exploited to cost businesses trillions of dollars annually and what you and your clients can do to help prevent these losses happening to your business.

Among many of the questions answered are:

  • What’s the most Popular Cyber Crime today?
  • What is the current Biggest Security Threat to small businesses?
  • What’s the Number One thing I can do to Prevent Cyber Crime in my business now?

Watch the replay for answers to these, and other questions, and to get a good foundation on the actions you can take today to help keep cyber criminals at bay.

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7 Mind Bending AI Apps

The Future ... It's Close Enough to Smell.

AI promises not only to end internet marketing as we have known it, but to thin the ranks of those who make their living doing it.

Literally one marketer will be able to handle more clients, and do it FAR more effectively than anything at our disposal prior to now.

I've been looking at “AI Marketing Software” and all the new programs that have launched in the last 12 months.

Visitorqueue - advanced B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details and user data of the businesses that visit your website.

Rokt - connects related companies and offers people who purchased from one an incentive to make another, related purchase; AI software is used to present related offers more likely to convert based off of individual user behavior as well as past actions.

Rocco - learns your business, brand and voice; social-media marketing assistant that suggest appropriate fresh content that your followers are likely to...

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