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Join us for a firehose experience as we cover as much as possible 'How to Dominate Your Market' in an hour… your sneak peak of our upcoming EXTREME NINJA MARKET DOMINATION TRAINING!

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Oh what I do for members… We found out this last week that the pricing for the Traffic Network sites is too low, but instead of putting the price up, like a normal IM company, I’m adding on extras. <doh>  

See... we started mapping out our new course Extreme Ninja Market Domination Training... and I realized there were three modules that are just CRYING to be included in with the Networks.

So... here’s the result:

Google's Front Page Domination Training combined with Traffic Networks

All three levels of Traffic Networks now Include 3 modules from our Extreme Ninja Training. A MUST HAVE with Traffic Networks because these modules rely heavily on traffic networks as a base:

  • Entire Front Page of Google 'Pwned'
  • Extreme Ninja Map Rankings (Multi-location)
  • Extreme Ninja BULK Video Rankings


Step-by-step, OTS webinars where you watch us rank one of our projects.

The Extreme Ninja Training Course has not yet been released.  These three modules alone valued at $497.

Details here:  This HAS to close Friday (or my team will KILL me), and WILL reopen later at higher prices.

Next Week and Last Week in Review:

Ninja Webinars

Last Saturday, in the first of our 2019 Ranking Webinar Series, we looked at how to corral enough long tails to make serious bank. And how to make it worth the effort.

Check out the replay here: Hands Free Ranking Long Tail Keywords for 2019 — Step by Step

Traffic Network

Our kickoff webinar for the Traffic Network will be this Tuesday; Q&A with best practices (no extreme ninja training yet) — webinar signup link inside the member’s area here:

Total Video Domination

We had our second Total Video Domination Coaching webinar last Wednesday to a packed house... and everyone got a special edition of our Persona Driven Video Domination Blueprint. (previously unreleased!)

Replay here:

We also added another webinar to the group coaching sessions, meaning there are still two more webinars to go, if you want to jump into the course.

Last chance to hop into this course, it's not too late to access the group coaching LIVE!:

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