GAP Analysis


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Set your agency apart from the 'cheap seo' guys using these two different types of GAP analysis.  Also shown are tools to make fulfillment easier.

The Gap Analysis process includes:

  1. Describe the general area - digital marketing
  2. Identify specific improvement areas - in this case we pick two, content and social media
  3. Determine targets - world domination .. is there anything else?
  4. Determine current state - what do you have in place already
  5. Determine Action Steps - start with incremental improvements

The result of both the content and the social gap analysis is going to require more content ... so that's where other sheets out of the Battle Plan come into play - and I talk briefly about a handful that will get you rocking.

If you don't have access to the battle plan, you can get it, along with the other resources listed by subscribing to our Ninja Training

Also I mentioned that a couple of spaces are still available for the ...

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A 300% Increase in Sales… No, REALLY!

This week we discuss two of today's hottest conversion increasing communication elements you can implement on your website - these have been shown to increase engagement up to 5000% and sales up to 300% - More information here.

Here's the replay:


Slide deck from webinar:

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REPLAY: SEO Ranking Ninja Style — Member's Webinar

seo webinar replay Mar 29, 2019

For those not on the webinar, let me give you links to where you can find the Battle Plan Spreadsheet/Nexus:


Let's start with your website, brand new, plastic wrap still sticking in a few places, and walk through the steps you need to get it ready for inbound links.

This consists largely of blogging and social signals... which has it's upside AND down side.

Attraction marketing/content marketing is still a major key to ranking. Not only does it generate inbound links, but it generates traffic and that's a twofer when it comes to ranking signals.

But let's face it, the whole article writing rigamarole is a pain in the BEHIND.  Unless you've got our secret sauce.  Enter several pages out of the MDS Battle Plan, which makes the whole process relatively PAINLESS.

In this week's webinar, we built on some of the concepts covered recently and spoke about how to apply them to content marketing to 10x your efforts by simply moving your pinky.  (or the pinky of...

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REPLAY: 5 Minute Funnel Hacks - Extreme Ninja Training - Member's webinar


Here is a collection of my very best tricks and tips that will help your funnels come together SOOOOO much faster, and yet with all the elements you need for conversion.

Much fun — some CRAZY slides (watch out for the streaking banana!), hacks, shortcuts, handouts and AN ANNOUNCEMENT.

Here's the link to the Newly Released Extreme Ninja Training... you'll need that for the rest of the goodies we talked about on the webinar:



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Slaying the Google Dragon with Extreme Ninja Tactics


How do you dominate your market? Here's the replay of our firehose experience as we cover as much domination as possible in an hour… your sneak peak of our upcoming EXTREME NINJA MARKET DOMINATION TRAINING!  Along with an overview of the training you'll get on the inside of Traffic Network Domination.


See... we started mapping out our new course Extreme Ninja Market Domination Training... and I realized there were three modules that are just CRYING to be included in with the Networks.

So... here’s the result:

Google's Front Page Domination Training combined with Traffic Networks

All three levels of Traffic Networks now Include 3 modules from our Extreme Ninja Training. A MUST HAVE with Traffic Networks because these modules rely heavily on traffic networks as a base:

  • Entire Front Page of Google 'Pwned'
  • Extreme Ninja Map Rankings (Multi-location)
  • Extreme Ninja BULK Video Rankings


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Hands Free Ranking Long Tail Keywords for 2019 — Step by Step

webinar replay Feb 23, 2019

Here we talk about two completely different methods for ranking keywords — one that involves a bit of effort and one that is TOTALLY Hands Free!


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14 Feb 19 - MDS Member's Webinar - One Page Websites

webinar replay Feb 14, 2019

Find weekly webinar replays, plus a whole lot more...

  • Monthly Cracked and Condensed Courses
    • No-Fluff Instructions
    • Handouts, Infographics, Checklists
    • Content Calendars
  • Monthly Complimentary Vacation Certificate Drawings

Get it here:

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Introducing Total Video Domination

Reach Up To 850% More Buyers... and make 64% more likely to buy.

I don’t know about you, but the number one thing my clients clamor for is more traffic and more conversions. They might hire me for SEO or paid traffic...

But the bottom line is more sales.

You guys know me... I’m always testing stuff... trying new things, refining what works.

And it’s time for me to share with you what I’ve found. It’s working like gangbusters for my clients, and (though I haven’t had time to use it for MY OWN marketing) I want to share it with you.

I must say, this is insanity on tap. Not something you’ve heard me talk about before, but immediately actionable and you’ll walk away from the call with enough information to be able to make a substantial difference in your marketing.

Watch the replay from Tuesday's live stream... the Friends and Family Discount is available until midnight on Friday. Don't miss out.


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