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  • Over 120 Training Modules — New Module each Month — Pictured on right —>
  • Two to Four Monthly Webinars
  • 5 Page Nexus of Digital Marketing, sequentially arranged, that is your key to ALL MDS Resources Instantly
  • Plus 27 Business Checklists and Project Management Plans

10+ Fast-Track Digital Marketing Courses as they are released during 2019/2020 Value of $5,500+

Over 40 Modules Video Domination Training (see below) Value of $139

15% Discount on Certification Master Classes Value of $300 (each class)

Periodic Q&A / BYOWebsite - Priceless!

Jump in NOW and be on the training webinars for the FAST-TRACK courses so you can ask questions live and participate

This is our "beyond the bleeding edge" course containing densely packed modules that move VERY quickly, as well as foundational modules needed for beginners.

Total Value Over $6,136
Available Right Now for $197/m

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Extreme Ninja Training

This is your fast track to stay miles ahead of your competitors, and at the top of your game, in an ever evolving landscape.

We have over 120 Training Modules already in place, with new modules coming out every month.

Additionally a Fast-Track Course will be released each month.


Introducing The Nexus

Your key to finding the ANSWERS you need FAST.

The Nexus contains all of the concepts of digital marketing broken down into a systematic, sequential set of modules. These modules are further comprised of sub-topics. Each sub-topic has a link to where the content, worksheets, checklist, and video resources can be found within Market Domination Solutions.

The exquisite part is that with Extreme Ninja Training you have access to all of the content referenced in the Nexus.

The Ninja Marketing Battle Plan

The Ninja Marketing Battle Plan is your guide to executing ANY digital marketing strategy, no matter how big or small.


10+ FAST TRACK Digital Marketing Courses Included

One New Release Each Month starting December 2019

The list kicks off with “Building a Successful Agency” - this course is based on my personal experience with my own agency.  I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned and what’s working now, including: agency positioning that attracts more leads, turning those leads into clients, and creating a fulfillment plan that is scalable.

From there we move into topics that you’ll be able to use as actual products for your agency, complete with worksheets and checklists so you can scale these products quickly!

  1. Building a Successful Agency
  2. Web Design (Elementor)
  3. Facebook Ads Quickstart
  4. Digital Marketing Audit (Worth up to $2k/Audit)
  5. Sales Funnel Strategy
  6. High Converting Sales/Landing Pages
  7. Split Testing Implementation and Strategies
  8. Applied Neuromarketing
  9. Schema 2020
  10. Site Disavow
  11. AND … Mass Page Generators
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Total Video Domination Training

Get buyer traffic On-Demand to your offers in only a FEW MINUTES each day ...

with our Step-by-Step Guide.

This training contains over 40 modules of the latest in video marketing:

  • Video Battle Plan - The strategy that ties all the training together, step-by-step
  • 8 Modules of YouTube Video Ranking Strategies
  • Link Building to Videos
  • 4-Month Video Content Calendar
  • Live Stream Platforms Compared
  • Live Streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Both simultaneously
  • Live Stream a Prerecorded Video
  • Facebook and Instagram Stories
  • Video Distribution and Traffic

Click to see the complete course outline here.


15% Off Upcoming Certification Masterclass Courses

Deep dives into specific areas of digital marketing such as Facebook Marketing Strategies, scheduled to launch in December 2019, new classes will launch periodically throughout the year.

Join now to get a 15% discount on these courses which will result in an approximate $300 savings per masterclass.


Periodic Q&A / BYOWebsite

Some of our most popular webinars!  Bring your website for a critique (conversion, SEO, schema, etc.), digital marketing problems, questions and sticking points - only questions not authorized are the ones about my whips!

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120 Modules of Training with 27 Worksheets, Checklists and Execution Plans!
Extreme Ninja Training, 10+ Fast-Track Digital Marketing Courses, Video Domination, Plus Certification Masterclass Discounts,
2+ Training Webinars / Month Plus The Nexus


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