Webinar Replays

Monetizing Mass Build Websites - 5 Mar 20

Extreme Ninja Training - Cover 5 different ways to monetize mass build websites and the details behind each method.

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Owning More SERPS Real Estate - Part I - 13 Feb 20

Extreme Ninja Training - What you need to know to grab all of the different pieces of real estate Google has on the SERPS pages

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Website Accessibility and Legal Compliance - 4 Feb 20

Extreme Ninja Training and Replay Open to Everyone

Don't leave your sites open for lawyers looking to make a buck.  Here's what you need to know now, and how to protect your sites.

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SEO in 2020 Includes Mass Page Building - 9 Jan 20

Extreme Ninja Training

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Digital Marketing Audit 2019 - 5 Dec 19

Extreme Ninja Training - I've changed how I handle clients in the last year and this is an update from the proposals and on-boarding I did a year ago.

I charge between $500 and $1500 for this service normally and then discount that same amount to the marketing project when the client moves forward with me.

This is for larger clients, probably won't work as well for small mom-n-pop type businesses.

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Fixing Low Conversion Rates - 12 Nov 19

Extreme Ninja Training - One of my members contacted me for help to solve a problem they have with low conversion rates.

In this webinar we look at the problem in detail, do some detective work to find out the issues behind the problem and talk about possible fixes.

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Benchmarks and ROI - 5 Nov 19

Business-in-a-Box - Current benchmark is focused on FB followers and brand awareness, and moving more into sales with the next benchmark starting next week.

Projections maintain a break even for the first 12 months - and an amazing 6-7 figure income for next year.

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BEATING BERT - 31 Oct 19

Ninja Foundation Training - To grok Google's BERT update I dig into how Google's ranking over the last decade has matured, by understanding natural language better.

I talk quite a bit about how Google analyses a site, what's needed to rank today, AND how you can mitigate any negative effects you've experienced as this update has rolled out over the last little while.

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Facebook Ad Foundation for 2019 - 24 Oct 19

Ninja Foundation Training - The MUST KNOW if you are getting started FB advertising in 2019 - and PREP for the Extreme Ninja webby coming:

  • The Basics
  • Tracking
  • Strategy
  • Testing - My Experience
  • Resources
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Maximize Profits - 17 Oct 19

Ninja Foundation Training - Our final funnel webinar covers Upsells, Side sells and Return Paths.  These tactics will exponentially increase your business with minimal effort and marketing spend.  Get the details in the last installment of our Funnels Webinar Series.

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Tripwire Tactics - 10 Oct 19

Ninja Foundation Training - Stop trying to sell your core product to cold traffic... that's like trying to push a boulder up a hill.  Instead, insert a tripwire to warm up your audience, build trust - and help them transition from their frequently asked questions to their should-ask questions.  Details on perspective and creation process on the replay.

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Surefire Ranking of Secondary Keywords; Evil Ranking Trick #42 - 5 Oct 19

Extreme Ninja Training - Prepare to cross over to the 'less-than-white hat side' with this evil trick I use to INSURE ranking for 50 or more secondary keywords on a page.  This has the added value of effectively eliminating the amount of content you need to write to the bare minimum needed for conversions.

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Lead Magnet Secrets - 26 Sep 19

Ninja Foundation Training - Last webinar I mentioned some secrets I had to jump start your lead magnet creation - so here I go into the making of a good lead magnet and then share my secrets for jump starting and supplementing my lead magnet creation process.

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Sales Funnel Overview - 19 Sep 19

Ninja Foundation Training - Breaking funnels down: These are the basics. You don't need all of the basics in every funnel, but if you are familiar with all of the pieces, then you can make better sales pages - start simply and add more complexity to super simple funnels as time goes by.

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Local Ranking - 17 Sep 19

Local Ranking Domination - Welcome and Orientation Webinar - Steps for Getting Started.

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BIAB - Contest Starting - 13 Sep 19

Business-in-a-Box - Latest update on sites and the start of the first contest as well as other news

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Extreme Ranking Secrets, SEO and Progressive Web Apps  - 12 Sep 19

Ninja Foundation Training - Nofollow Update, what you need to know, what you need to do ... and what it means in the long run. 

Summer take-aways - the Do's and Don'ts for ranking.  Some really good insight as to how google has changed, and techniques you can go implement now.

Also a quick intro to Progressive Web Apps - with the promise of a technical 'how-to' webinar to follow in the future.

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Ranking Secrets - 6 Sep 19

Extreme Ninja Training - Goes hand-in-hand with the 12 Sep webinar, here I pull the curtain back and get into some of the evil tools and tricks including:

  • Getting crawled and indexed within a week
  • Advanced Schema tricks for indexing and ranking
  • Finding low-hanging niches and keywords
  • Latest on-site linking hack
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Summer 2019  Webinars

22 Aug - Local Ranking Domination (Sales Webinar)

8 Aug - Ninja Foundation - Ranking Lab and Local Rankings (replay open to all)

2 Aug - Extreme Ninja - A Better Way to Secure a Blog - and ULTIMATE speed up!

23 Jul - BIAB Update - not recorded

18 Jul - Ninja Foundation - Ranking Test Labs 2019 Launch

20 Jun - Ninja Foundation - Google Update and Favorite Hacks

18 Jun - BIAB - Update

13 Jun - Ninja Foundation - Agency Distinction with GAP Analysis (replay open to all)

May 2019 Webinars

30 May - Ninja Foundation - Analyzing a Site with Screaming Frog - Part II Why does google hate my website?

28 May - BIAB - Q&A

23 May - Ninja Foundation - Analyzing Link Profiles - Part II Why does google hate my website?

21 May - BIAB - Welcome

16 May - Ninja Foundation - Understanding Google Search Console - Part I Why Does Google HATE my website?

12 May - Traffic Network Domination Update (recorded, not posted)

10 May - Extreme Ninja - EXTREME What Works Now: Backlinks, SEO, Plugins, GMB

2 May - Chatbots (sales webinar)


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