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INSANE Ranking

These sites kick off with incredible rankings straight out of the gate — we found how to turn the Google clock back 15+ years.

Any Niche or Market

Local Ranking sites can tackle ANY topic of ANY size. More competitive terms rank better in smaller towns and suburbs in the beginning.

Many Countries Available

Including US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and more.

How These Sites Rank

From right out of the gate, these sites start to rank, breaking into the top 3 about 10 days after launch. The latest Personal Injury site looks as strong as all of the other sites we have done.

The Environmental and Marketing sites are getting EVEN BETTER visibility with our latest updates.

Fast Ranking, Fast Traffic!

In tests, 80% to 100% of pages were indexed within the first week. Up to 25% of the target keywords are in position 1-3 in less than 2 weeks. Up to 50% in the top 10 (page 1).

Latest updates are ranking up to 50% in the top 3 around the 30 day mark.

Results WILL vary, depending on your niche and selected locales, but I'm getting EXCELLENT results even in difficult markets.

Start driving hundreds to thousands of visitors to your sales pages TODAY!

Dominate Local Markets

I know what a PAIN it is to try to build out pages for all the locales you want to target by hand.

But NOW you can target and rank for an INSANE number of local geos. These Local Ranking Sites start with up to 500 locations, and can have additional location/pages that drip in over time.

Just think of what targeting every single suburb, town and neighborhood in your area — or an area you want to move into — would do for your business.

DOMINATE Google's Front Page

Domination is NOT achieved by a single entry in the SERPs. A far better solution is to command the entire front page.  Grab a 10 pack so no matter what entry is clicked, they land on YOU!

  • Entire Front Page of Google 'Pwned'
  • Extreme Ninja Rankings (Multi-SERPs entries)
  • Combine with Multiple Silos for Extreme Ninja DOMINATION


Have It YOUR Way

ALL visitors are exposed to your brand and respond to your Calls to Action.

Your included Calls to Action can be click-to-call phone numbers, opt-in forms, lead magnets, appointment scheduling link, whatever you want.

Embed sales videos, have links to download your marketing material, whatever conversion elements you desire.

Include retargeting pixels, too, to maximize conversions.

Want changes later? No problem, just let us know.

Totally Hands Free

Give us the keywords and calls to action (and a few other tidbits) — and we do the rest! Setup, Hosting, Conversion Content, Traffic Amplification System (TAS), Pages dripped out, and hand-generated SE traffic.

You'll have monthly ranking reports, Google Analytics and Search Console.

100% Newbie-friendly — No ‘tech’ skills required.

This solution is suitable for agencies and their clients.




BONUS: GMB and Video Ranking

Get a helpful ranking boost for your GMB and videos.

As part of creating the sites, we add your GMB with schema markup and can include your NAP on the site.

Aside from a conversion video in the hero section of the page, we can embed any YouTube videos — and even rotate different videos and different pages.

Just add the info to the submission form and we do the rest.

BONUS: Silos = Ranking for More Keywords

By using silos, we can target for more than one primary keyword. Each silo can target its own primary keyword and several secondary keywords.

The primary keyword is included in the title tag, along with the locale, so it has the best possible chance of ranking.

To tackle 3 primary keywords and 300 different locations, you'll want to get a 1000 page package.

BONUS:  MDS Proprietary Local Traffic Amplification System (TAS)

It's an unfair advantage... these sites already hit the ground running because of their spectacular out-of-the-gate rankings, but then we go on to supercharge them with TAS — and then the tsunami will hit!

Our Traffic Amplification System is designed to get your sites off to a GREAT start — and keep the traffic acceleration in high gear.

TAS consists of a carefully sculpted structure of social signals, Google authority stacks, and real human SE traffic. This combo sends all the right signals to Google to boost the rankings of your sites AND generate traffic from a VARIETY of sources — not just Google.

The amplification system is a synergy of monitored automation and manual submissions. TAS continues to accelerate the traffic throughout the entire first year.


BONUS: Beautiful, High-Converting Templates

There's more to a landing page than looks. You need something that will build your list and create conversions.

I start with professionally designed templates (like the ones to the right) and add the conversion techniques I've refined over the last 15 years.

Designed to convert, with strong calls to action in the hero section and throughout the page, these sites will seriously enhance your bottom line.

BONUS: Customized to Your Brand

Your logo, your colors, your videos, your calls to action.

If you have an existing site, we can make your new site similar in appearance and use a similar domain name to avoid brand confusion (for example, a different TLD).


How Hard is it to Set Up the Sites?

These are 100% Newbie-friendly — No ‘tech’ skills required.

The intake form will give us all of the information we need to personalize the site for your requirements.

AND we provide stellar help desk support that is manned by our tech team, in-house. Not outsourced.


Are These Wordpress or HTML Sites?


Because on larger sites, Wordpress is just too slow ... and lots of traffic attracts hackers. Nobody needs that!

Limited Availability – Members Only Pricing

Guarantee: If anything happens to any of the sites during the first year,
we’ll replace it FOR FREE.

This is a 12 month agreement. No refunds once sites are completed. There is an orientation webinar, but no training — EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU.
We maintain the sites for the first year, updating and adding TAS as needed, then the domain and site are turned over to you.



+ $497 PER MONTH

ONE Site
(Total Up to 500 Geo-targeted Pages)

25% of the target keywords GUARANTEED to rank in the first 30 days

We supply the domain

Site Launches with up to 500 pages

Onsite content adjusted as needed for ranking, conversions and your business needs

BONUS: Customized with Your Logo, Branding, Video

BONUS: Links to Your Branded Social Properties

BONUS: Embedded Reviews

BONUS: Proprietary Local Traffic Amplification System (TAS)

Hosting, Maintenance, Security and Backups for 12 months




+ 1247 PER MONTH

Three Sites
(Total Up to 1500 Geo-targeted Pages)

25% of the target keywords GUARANTEED to rank in the first 30 days

We supply the domains

Each Site Launches with up to 500 pages

Onsite content adjusted as needed for ranking, conversions and your business needs

BONUS: Customized with Your Logo, Branding, Video

BONUS: Links to Your Branded Social Properties

BONUS: Embedded Reviews

BONUS: Proprietary Local Traffic Amplification System (TAS)

Hosting, Maintenance, Security and Backups for 12 months



*No refunds once the site(s) is delivered and in placeIf you have questions, please contact us prior to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't want to lock you into anything long-term, some folks just want to take the site and walk away (or sell it or what ever) - so after a year, you may do so .. or, if you want to, we can negotiate a monthly recurring that is in line with our continuing the upkeep.

Yes, if you are in the program, you may buy more - for those who don't jump in, once the door is closed, it's shut tight.

Under certain conditions, yes; if your two primary keywords are in the same niche. For example, if you wanted "Digital Marketing" and "Social Media Marketing," that would be fine.

Basically, if we can use the same content for both keywords. If it's too different to use the same content, then go with a second site, it will rank better.

In order to use two primary keywords on your site, we have to silo your site. So that one set of pages (silo) is for one primary keyword, and the second set is for the other primary keyword.

This means if you got a single 1000 page site and have two primary keywords, each silo/primary keyword would have 500 pages.  And the maximum number of geo-locations you can target with this site is 500.

Multiple cities are no problem.

You can target up to 10 "center points" on your site, and you can specify a different radius for each center point.

For example, you can specify Salt Lake City, Utah with a radius of 10 miles — or you can target several different suburbs if you just want the south part of Salt Lake.

Or lets say you cover the south part of Phoenix and down into the smaller towns south of Phoenix. Then you would specify the suburbs of southern Phoenix and one or more of the southern towns.

The result will be a page created for each of the suburbs, neighborhoods, towns, and cities within the area you specify.

500 pages has, so far, covered all the local businesses we have worked with.

When I create your site, I'll see how many possible locations I have in the area you specified, and if there are more than 500, I'll let you know.

You'll be able to add on more pages after Google does the initial 30-day processing on your site.

Yes! It would be great to have a video that would help with conversion — something with a strong call to action at the end.

We can also embed any YouTube videos you want. Just add them to the submission form and we do the rest.

Yes, absolutely! Just give us the code for your autoresponder. We recommend that you use a lead magnet for best results. You can specify the lead magnet on the intake form as well.

You'll be able to give us your desired calls to action on the intake form:

  • Phone number
  • Autoresponder form
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Etc.


Up to 500 pages per site, depending on size of geo-targeted area(s).

Depends on the niche and the geo area.

Depends on the niche and the geo-area selected. We've seen the first lead from our test sites as quickly as within the first 10 days, when targeting keywords with traffic. 


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