Which Mass Builders Are BEST?

Interested in getting into the mass page website building scene? Maybe you have already dabbled — there are a host of builders to choose from — and today I thought I would pull back the curtain a little bit and share some of my experience with different builders... what to look for and where to go from here.

Before we begin, a definition: Mass page builders are designed to take some content — this usually includes spintax* and a set of parameters, such as keywords or locations — and create hundreds or even thousands of pages automagically on your website.

First, and probably the most important feature I'm going to mention today is, "does it work?" Meaning, can you get it to rank and drive traffic. Mostly, in this regard, I'm looking for a site that will give me a good clean framework, because the magic I use to get my sites ranking for over 25% of the target keywords in less than 30 days isn't actually contained within any of...

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Turning Your Business into a Cult

I came across this great video outlining the foundational concepts of building a cult following and had to share:

He makes 4 important points in this video - and several pro tips; Pick a VERY specific Niche; Have a compelling vision for your clients; Invest in your community and more.

Check my expanded post in the Psychology of Marketing section of the Member's Area for additional points that I believe are crucial to creating a "cult" -  as well as tips for not alienating your tribe!  

Not a member yet?  Get in on all of our Bleeding Edge Knowledge!.



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GAP Analysis


Members - Your replay with links is here.

Set your agency apart from the 'cheap seo' guys using these two different types of GAP analysis.  Also shown are tools to make fulfillment easier.

The Gap Analysis process includes:

  1. Describe the general area - digital marketing
  2. Identify specific improvement areas - in this case we pick two, content and social media
  3. Determine targets - world domination .. is there anything else?
  4. Determine current state - what do you have in place already
  5. Determine Action Steps - start with incremental improvements

The result of both the content and the social gap analysis is going to require more content ... so that's where other sheets out of the Battle Plan come into play - and I talk briefly about a handful that will get you rocking.

If you don't have access to the battle plan, you can get it, along with the other resources listed by subscribing to our Ninja Training

Also I mentioned that a couple of spaces are still available for the ...

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Why Does Google HATE My Website? Part I: Understanding Google Search Console

Uncategorized May 18, 2019

The First in a series.  In this webinar we take a deep look into Google Search Console and where you can find all the things Google thinks is wrong with your website;  What they MEAN and HOW TO FIX.

Part Two is a DEEP dive into inbound link profiles.  What makes them good and what makes them bad - and how to tell the difference in less that 60 seconds.

Also in Part Two we start to talk about Schema ... Continue the journey here.

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A 300% Increase in Sales… No, REALLY!

This week we discuss two of today's hottest conversion increasing communication elements you can implement on your website - these have been shown to increase engagement up to 5000% and sales up to 300% - More information here.

Here's the replay:


Slide deck from webinar:

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18 Apr 19 - Weekly News Roundup

Next week we have an exciting webinar in store for Thursday. Join us to see how you can increase conversion on your website 30% or more!

Also, notable mentions go to our Travel Giveaways during the Extreme Ninja  Promotions:  David Allen and Gordon Lee — Congratulations!


Last Week's Webinar Replays:

    1. TUESDAY: Traffic Network — Extreme Ninja GMB Domination: https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/products/traffic-network-domination/categories/1189743/posts/4342711
    2. THURSDAY: Making or Breaking Your Agency where we did an in-depth OTS site review:  https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/products/digital-marketing-cracked-and-condensed/categories/1142929/posts/4361779

New Psychology section in Cracked and Condensed Ninja Training Area:


New Psychology section in Extreme Ninja:  Guide to...

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5 Apr 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Apr 05, 2019


We were accosted by the Yakuza in the middle of our marketing push last week, because apparently our new Extreme Ninja Training was a little tooooo EXTREME for their liking.

SO ... to honor those who did not have the opportunity to hear about our drawing in a timely manner, we decided the ONLY appropriate action was to hold another drawing!

If you didn't hear about the training, or about the drawing ... or even about the despicable desecration to our marketing, you can read all about it here:

New drawing closes on Sunday Midnight.


In other news this week, we had our first official Extreme Ninja webinar, whose topic must remain top secret for fear of a second incursion.   Replay can be found here.

On Tuesday we had a Q&A for our Traffic Network members - nothing too evil this week.  Replay is here.


On Wednesday we'll have a Total Video Domination Coaching webinar.

On Thursday we are looking...

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REPLAY: SEO Ranking Ninja Style — Member's Webinar

seo webinar replay Mar 29, 2019

For those not on the webinar, let me give you links to where you can find the Battle Plan Spreadsheet/Nexus:


Let's start with your website, brand new, plastic wrap still sticking in a few places, and walk through the steps you need to get it ready for inbound links.

This consists largely of blogging and social signals... which has it's upside AND down side.

Attraction marketing/content marketing is still a major key to ranking. Not only does it generate inbound links, but it generates traffic and that's a twofer when it comes to ranking signals.

But let's face it, the whole article writing rigamarole is a pain in the BEHIND.  Unless you've got our secret sauce.  Enter several pages out of the MDS Battle Plan, which makes the whole process relatively PAINLESS.

In this week's webinar, we built on some of the concepts covered recently and spoke about how to apply them to content marketing to 10x your efforts by simply moving your pinky.  (or the pinky of...

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23 Mar 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Mar 25, 2019


Just Released EXTREME Ninja Training!

First, let me say that we are still adding modules and webinars to the original Ninja Training. It is not complete — I don't know that a course like this can EVER be complete, simply because digital marketing is always evolving. The original Ninja course lays the foundation for digital marketing with MUST know knowledge.

The Extreme Ninja Training picks up where our original Ninja Training leaves off.  Meaning that this is where I'm sharing with you the bleeding edge stuff; the truly evil tricks I know — AND THE ONES THAT I'M JUST FIGURING OUT.

AND... Because Extreme Ninja Training assumes foundational knowledge, I've bundled the two togetherSubscribing to Extreme Ninja will also give you access to the basic Ninja Training... AND Total Video Domination (the course only, not the coaching).

A MISSING PIECE: One of the coolest things that happened over the last month is that the Ninja Battle...

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