23 Mar 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Mar 25, 2019


Just Released EXTREME Ninja Training!

First, let me say that we are still adding modules and webinars to the original Ninja Training. It is not complete — I don't know that a course like this can EVER be complete, simply because digital marketing is always evolving. The original Ninja course lays the foundation for digital marketing with MUST know knowledge.

The Extreme Ninja Training picks up where our original Ninja Training leaves off.  Meaning that this is where I'm sharing with you the bleeding edge stuff; the truly evil tricks I know — AND THE ONES THAT I'M JUST FIGURING OUT.

AND... Because Extreme Ninja Training assumes foundational knowledge, I've bundled the two togetherSubscribing to Extreme Ninja will also give you access to the basic Ninja Training... AND Total Video Domination (the course only, not the coaching).

A MISSING PIECE: One of the coolest things that happened over the last month is that the Ninja Battle Plan evolved. The index has become a Nexus for ALL of the training and webinars — so if you are looking for answers to your digital marketing questions, this is the go-to reference guide. (below is just a sample, the first 3 out of 15 modules)

Recent Updates to the Nexus:

        1. Module 2 Project Management and Coordination added:
          •    Projects Tracking Overview  (spreadsheet)
          •    Project Timeline  (spreadsheet)
        2. Module 3 Onboarding, Audits and Branding added:
          •    Lean Canvas (Ninja)
        3. NEW Module 7 for Video Marketing and Ranking added:
          •    Video Battle Plan (TVD)
          •    Up and Coming Video Trends (TVD)
          •    4 Month Video Content Calendar (TVD)
          •    Keywords for Videos (TVD)
          •    Live Stream Platforms Compared (TVD)
          •    Video Promotions (TVD)
          •    Video Production (TVD)
          •    Live Streaming on YouTube (TVD)
          •    Live Streaming on FB (TVD)
          •    Go Live on Both YouTube and FB (TVD)
          •    Live Stream a Prerecorded Video (TVD)
          •    Facebook Stories (TVD)
          •    Instagram Stories (TVD)
          •    Other Story Platforms (TVD)
          •    Video Distribution and Traffic (TVD)
          •    YouTube Video Ranking (TVD)
          •    Building Links to Videos (TVD)
        4. Module 9 Paid Advertising and Funnels added:
          •    Funnel Overview (Ninja)
          •    Traffic Sources (Extreme Ninja)
          •    Lead Magnet (Ninja AND Extreme)
          •    Email List / Autoresponder Series (Extreme Ninja)
          •    Landing Page (Extreme Ninja)
          •    Sales Page (Checklist and Ninja)
          •    Ad Creation (Extreme Ninja)
          •    Tracking (Extreme Ninja)


Here's what you'll get:

  • 5 Page Nexus of Digital Marketing, sequentially arranged, that is your key to ALL MDS Resources Instantly
  • 9 Existing and over 30 Planned Extreme Ninja Training Modules — New Module each Month
  • 45 Foundational Modules (and growing) in Digital Marketing Cracked and Condensed (see below)
  • Over 40 Modules Video Domination Training (see below)
  • 21 Business Checklists and Execution Plans
  • Monthly Foundational Webinars
  • Monthly Extreme Ninja Webinars
  • Monthly Q&A / BYOWebsite
  • Discounts on Future Certification Modules ;)

Excited Yet? But wait, there's MORE... If you jump in now, you'll be automatically entered into a drawing for a complimentary vacation! (This isn't one of those timeshare 'free vacations' — this is a complimentary hotel stay.)

BONUS:  Check out the replay from last week, Extreme Ninja — Five Minute Funnel Hacks open to our readers for a limited time.

Here we covered 5 Minute Funnel Hacks to boost conversion, ran through all the elements of the basic funnel (and then some), and announced our newly released EXTREME Ninja Training. Replay here:


JOIN HEREhttp://partners.marketdomination.solutions/extreme-ninja-training



Thursday:  SEO — Ranking and Content Marketing

Attraction marketing is still a major key to ranking. Systematizing the broadcasting and inbound links is the only way to NOT drive yourself crazy.

In this week's webinar, we are going to build on some of the concepts covered recently and talk about how to apply them to content marketing to 10x your efforts by simply moving your pinky.

Because that's what market domination is all about!

Join us live Thursday 2pm Mountain.



REPLAY: First Extreme Ninja Training for Traffic Network Domination

Last Tuesday we had our second webinar for the Traffic Network complete with Extreme Ninja Social Domination Training. Replay is here:



REPLAY: Total Video Domination — Live Broadcast Training

Last Wednesday was our third webinar in the Total Video Domination Group Coaching course — OBS live over the shoulder demonstration. Replay here:



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