Cybersecurity June 2018 DDM Monthly Webinar Replay

cybersecurity Jun 07, 2018

This month Rich Boyd, a certified and highly skilled Cybersecurity expert, joins us to talk about how the Internet of Things and mobile devices have blown holes in our network security.

We discuss ways that these avenues have been exploited to cost businesses trillions of dollars annually and what you and your clients can do to help prevent these losses happening to your business.

Among many of the questions answered are:

  • What’s the most Popular Cyber Crime today?
  • What is the current Biggest Security Threat to small businesses?
  • What’s the Number One thing I can do to Prevent Cyber Crime in my business now?

Watch the replay for answers to these, and other questions, and to get a good foundation on the actions you can take today to help keep cyber criminals at bay.

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