22 Feb 19 - SPECIAL Roundup

We got keywords ... that jingle jangle jingle!

Get enough of them and that change will turn into bills that you can fold over and take to the bank!

Is it possible to corral enough long tails to make serious bank?  Is it worth the effort???  Join us Saturday, as we dig into long tails and ranking in 2019.  

Long Tail Ranking Domination - MDS SPECIAL SESSION Webinar to find out more!

Last Thursday's Webinar

This week we discussed Micro Moments, how mobile tech has fractured the buying cycle into micro moments, what this means to sellers and methods available for you to capitalize on this NOW.

Bottom line, Micro Moments are here, it's not a fad, but will become the defacto standard for how we will do the majority of our shopping as we move forwards.

Replay here: https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/products/digital-marketing-cracked-and-condensed/categories/1142929/posts/3854490

Next week is BYOW / BYOQ! Show up live to have your website (or your client's)...

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