18 Apr 19 - Weekly News Roundup

Next week we have an exciting webinar in store for Thursday. Join us to see how you can increase conversion on your website 30% or more!

Also, notable mentions go to our Travel Giveaways during the Extreme Ninja  Promotions:  David Allen and Gordon Lee — Congratulations!


Last Week's Webinar Replays:

    1. TUESDAY: Traffic Network — Extreme Ninja GMB Domination: https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/products/traffic-network-domination/categories/1189743/posts/4342711
    2. THURSDAY: Making or Breaking Your Agency where we did an in-depth OTS site review:  https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/products/digital-marketing-cracked-and-condensed/categories/1142929/posts/4361779

New Psychology section in Cracked and Condensed Ninja Training Area:


New Psychology section in Extreme Ninja:  Guide to...

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5 Apr 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Apr 05, 2019


We were accosted by the Yakuza in the middle of our marketing push last week, because apparently our new Extreme Ninja Training was a little tooooo EXTREME for their liking.

SO ... to honor those who did not have the opportunity to hear about our drawing in a timely manner, we decided the ONLY appropriate action was to hold another drawing!

If you didn't hear about the training, or about the drawing ... or even about the despicable desecration to our marketing, you can read all about it here:

New drawing closes on Sunday Midnight.


In other news this week, we had our first official Extreme Ninja webinar, whose topic must remain top secret for fear of a second incursion.   Replay can be found here.

On Tuesday we had a Q&A for our Traffic Network members - nothing too evil this week.  Replay is here.


On Wednesday we'll have a Total Video Domination Coaching webinar.

On Thursday we are looking...

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23 Mar 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Mar 25, 2019


Just Released EXTREME Ninja Training!

First, let me say that we are still adding modules and webinars to the original Ninja Training. It is not complete — I don't know that a course like this can EVER be complete, simply because digital marketing is always evolving. The original Ninja course lays the foundation for digital marketing with MUST know knowledge.

The Extreme Ninja Training picks up where our original Ninja Training leaves off.  Meaning that this is where I'm sharing with you the bleeding edge stuff; the truly evil tricks I know — AND THE ONES THAT I'M JUST FIGURING OUT.

AND... Because Extreme Ninja Training assumes foundational knowledge, I've bundled the two togetherSubscribing to Extreme Ninja will also give you access to the basic Ninja Training... AND Total Video Domination (the course only, not the coaching).

A MISSING PIECE: One of the coolest things that happened over the last month is that the Ninja Battle...

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16 Mar 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Mar 16, 2019

REPLAY: Beyond the Click, Creating Compelling Marketing

Last Thursday in our Member's webinar, we looked at websites, emails and elements like infographics exploring how to go beyond 'optimized for conversion' to understanding how to grab your potential patrons and superglue them into your funnel.



Tuesday: First Extreme Ninja Training for Traffic Network Domination

Our second webinar for the Traffic Network will be this Tuesday complete with Extreme Ninja Training — webinar signup link inside the member’s area here:



Wednesday: Total Video Domination - Live Broadcast Training

This week is Webinar #3 in the Total Video Domination Group Coaching course — OBS...

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09 Mar 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Mar 09, 2019

Traffic Network Domination, CLOSING TUESDAY, now includes Google's Front Page Domination Training! 

All three levels of Traffic Networks now Include 3 modules from our Extreme Ninja Training. A MUST HAVE with Traffic Networks because these modules rely heavily on traffic networks as a base:

  • Own Entire Front Page of Google
  • Extreme Ninja Map Rankings (Multi-location)
  • Extreme Ninja BULK Video Rankings


Step-by-step, OTS webinars where you watch us rank one of our projects.

The Extreme Ninja Training Course has not yet been released.  These three modules alone valued at $497.

Details here:  https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/traffic-network-domination  

This HAS to close Tuesday (or my team will KILL me), and WILL reopen later at higher prices.

REPLAY: How To Slay The Google Dragon With Extreme Ninja Tactics 

Last Thursday in our Member's webinar, we had our first installment of Extreme Ninja Tactics -...

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Thursday: Slaying the Google Dragon ... Don't miss it!

Join us for a firehose experience as we cover as much as possible 'How to Dominate Your Market' in an hour… your sneak peak of our upcoming EXTREME NINJA MARKET DOMINATION TRAINING!

Register here:


Oh what I do for members… We found out this last week that the pricing for the Traffic Network sites is too low, but instead of putting the price up, like a normal IM company, I’m adding on extras. <doh>  

See... we started mapping out our new course Extreme Ninja Market Domination Training... and I realized there were three modules that are just CRYING to be included in with the Networks.

So... here’s the result:

Google's Front Page Domination Training combined with Traffic Networks

All three levels of Traffic Networks now Include 3 modules from our Extreme Ninja Training. A MUST HAVE...

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22 Feb 19 - SPECIAL Roundup

We got keywords ... that jingle jangle jingle!

Get enough of them and that change will turn into bills that you can fold over and take to the bank!

Is it possible to corral enough long tails to make serious bank?  Is it worth the effort???  Join us Saturday, as we dig into long tails and ranking in 2019.  

Long Tail Ranking Domination - MDS SPECIAL SESSION Webinar to find out more!

Last Thursday's Webinar

This week we discussed Micro Moments, how mobile tech has fractured the buying cycle into micro moments, what this means to sellers and methods available for you to capitalize on this NOW.

Bottom line, Micro Moments are here, it's not a fad, but will become the defacto standard for how we will do the majority of our shopping as we move forwards.

Replay here: https://partners.marketdomination.solutions/products/digital-marketing-cracked-and-condensed/categories/1142929/posts/3854490

Next week is BYOW / BYOQ! Show up live to have your website (or your client's)...

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16 Feb 19 - Weekly News Roundup

weekly news roundup Feb 16, 2019

Yo!  It's been a busy week.  We restarted our regular Member's Only webinars, had our first Total Video Domination Coaching webinar, and talked about several things going down in the industry over on our FB page.

Here are the details:

Weekly Webinars

This week we kicked off the return of our weekly Member’s no-fluff, info-packed webinars! We looked at one page websites and how to SEO the darn thing so it can rank!

Next week we will be discussing Micro Moments and how it's reinventing the way companies approach marketing to drive long-term value. Don't miss it!

Join us live each Thursday 2pm Mountain.

Replays can be found in our Ninja Training area (plus a whole lot more...) - Shameless plug because some folks told me they didn't know I had this course for sale:

  • Essentials for Digital Marketing Domination in 2020 and beyond
  • These are the tactics I'm using NOW for client fulfillment (not some rehashed thing that barely works any more)
  • Every Month A New Cracked and...
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