Affiliate Website + Private Traffic Network + Social Traffic + Paid Traffic + CRM =


Affiliate Review Website

DONE FOR YOU: domain, hosting, maintenance, and write-ups/reviews. Included: videos, star ratings, graphics, images, and calls-to-action with your affiliate link.

Lead Capturing

BUILD YOUR LIST before sending visitors to an affiliate page. An integrated lead capture system will enable you to offer future products to your previous visitors.

Traffic Generating

AUTOMATED TRAFFIC will come from your own private Traffic Network, Paid Ads AND top branded social sites. Each new product added to your affiliate site, gets auto-distributed.

Affiliate Product Domination!

Select a vertical theme for your products, and we will launch it with several high-quality affiliate product pages culled from JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, and Amazon. New products will be published each week.

New products, like the originals, will include write-ups/reviews, star ratings, videos, images, graphics, and calls-to-action.

A mini-sticky-sidebar with video and call-to-action scrolls with visitors as they navigate the product pages!

Expand reach with an integrated, branded Facebook page! This will post visitor comments to the visitor's Facebook timeline along with posting on the product review page.

As products are added, they will get posted to your five branded social accounts, and be picked up and broadcast through other accounts and onto other platforms.

We'll ensure you are approved for each product prior to publishing.

Ready-To-Go Affiliate Website

We will purchase a quality aged domain with an appropriate link profile that can accommodate the vertical market you select for your site. We'll host it and do the maintenance.

The product pages will be promoted to your social platforms as they are published.

KICK-ASS SEO on the site will put your site head and shoulders above other review sites!

Enhancements include a fast loading responsive theme,  schema, rich snippets, and a secure certificate.

Site is backed up weekly and secured against hackers.

Amazon Product Pages

Capture the attention of your visitors with popular product lists. Automated Bestsellers and New Releases keep your site up-to-date with the latest trends, completely hands-free.

Products in lists and dedicated pages will be in keeping with the theme of the overall website.

Comparison tables, product boxes, and widgets are alternative ways of displaying your selected products, which allow related products to be seen and purchased.

Product information (e.g., pricing) will be updated via Amazon’s Product Advertising API automatically. 

Affiliate IDs are automatically included in all links

Note: Access to Amazon's API required for including Amazon products in your store. Product data is cached to increase page load speed and reduce the number of API calls.

Lead Capturing with FREE TRIP

Even better than a growing social network is generating an email list of hungry buyers interested in the products you are publishing on your site.

Valuable prospects don't stand a chance of passing directly to your affiliate links! We have three different methods of grabbing these leads and getting them to subscribe to your list.

Included is a Hello Bar, Opt-In, and Exit pop that will entice your visitors to subscribe.

As your list grows, each email sent out is sure to make sales. Cliché Alert:  The money IS in the list!

Traffic Generation - Social

In order to maximize traffic, we are creating dedicated social accounts/areas on popular platforms. Primary platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.

When new products are added, your whole social network will know. Previously announced products will occasionally be republished.

In between product announcements, your network will get a selection of related news, updates, and information that are not sales related.



To maximize your ROI we are providing an AMAZING Opt-in Lead Magnet.

We'll perform a Monthly Drawing for a Complimentary Vacation for up to four people.  Each month will select a winner from your list. This is provided by MDS and included in your package!

BONUS: Traffic Generation - Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is part of a well-rounded marketing campaign, and that goes for your Business in a Box site as well!

Traffic can be slow to build with social and SEO, so we give your site and social a good kick-off by focusing on paid traffic to get the ball rolling.

Paid traffic can also be crucial to maximizing the 4th quarter, so we'll kick in some extra traffic using paid then, too.

BONUS: Split Tests

I don't know about you, but good is never good enough for me.

I want to track and test everything — and see what works best, because you don't KNOW until you try it.

That's another reason for the paid traffic — so we can get ENOUGH traffic to KNOW what works sooner, rather than later.


BONUS: Dashboards

Both you and I need to see what's happening, so I'm working to develop a set of dashboards that will allow us to see sales and understand what's working — all in one place, not logging into 14 different sites and trying to piece it all together.

NOTE: The dashboard probably won't be as sexy as the image to the left, but it WILL be functional!

Traffic Generation - Network (Recommended)

Our Traffic Network sites are huge (up to a million page) sites with content that drips in for a very long time — and (almost) ALL the traffic it generates clicks through to your Business in a Box (BIAB) site.

Select the size of the Private Traffic Network you want to leverage for your site, knowing it will consist of aged domains and be backed by our proprietary Traffic Amplification System.

These Traffic Network sites will have the same theme as your affiliate site for maximum effectiveness.  (You can find out more about Traffic Network sites here).

What IS The MDS Proprietary Traffic Amplification System (TAS)

It's an unfair advantage... a network supercharged with TAS has ordinary looking traffic for the first 60 days, then the snowball will hit.

Our Traffic Amplification System is designed to get your network off to a GREAT start — and keep the traffic acceleration in high gear.

TAS consists of a carefully sculpted structure of social signals, Google authority stacks and real thematically-related traffic. This combo sends all the right signals to Google to boost the rankings of your network AND generate traffic from a VARIETY of sources — not just Google.

The amplification system is a synergy of monitored automation and manual submissions. TAS continues to accelerate the traffic to your network sites for as long as you maintain your subscription.

Product Themes for Your Site:

  • Cooking, Food & Wine
  • Diet & Weight Loss
  • Business Opp & Investing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Digital Marketing
  • Looking for something else? Contact me!

Included in Product Pages

  • Videos, Images, and Graphics
  • Star Ratings
  • Calls to Action with Your Affiliate Link
  • Video with CTA Sticky on Scroll
  • Schema Markup
  • Facebook Fanpage Integration for Comments
  • Related Products Included Under CTA to Increase Sales
  • Your Affiliate ID Embedded in CTA Link
  • Optional Banners (Can be configured for virtually anything)

About Your Site

  • Special Landing Pages Constructed with Related Products and Promoted to Social Platforms
  • Opt Ins Incentivized with a Monthly Free Trip Drawing (provided by MDS)
    • Hello Bar
    • Sidebar Opt In
    • Exit Intent Opt In
  • Content Scheduled to Drip In Over TIme
  • Search Engine Optimized with Silo Structure
  • Fully Responsive
  • Site Page Load Speed < 2 Seconds
  • Schema and Rich Snippets
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Weekly Backups
  • Analytics
  • SSL
  • Secured Against Hackers

About Your Social Network

  • 5 Branded Social Platforms (You take these with you)
  • Several postings each week, including products
  • Followers grown organically
  • Your social posts are reposted through other accounts we control (These remain ours)

About Your Paid Traffic

  • Traffic will come from paid traffic
  • Both branded and unbranded social accounts will provide traffic
  • If you opt for a Traffic Network, traffic will also come from those sites

About Your CRM

  • Free Mailchimp account with the warm subscriber list built over the course of the year (You take this with you)

BOTTOM LINE -----------------------

  • Get Traffic from Paid Sources, Top Social Media Sites AND YOUR NETWORK SITES
  • Entice Visitors with Good-looking Product Pages Designed to Convert
  • Related Product Recommendations Prompt Visitors with Additional Offers

  • Capture Leads to a CRM and Remarket to Them Indefinitely
  • Add Optional Banners, Retargeting Pixels, even Additional Products and Pages If Desired
  • You will need to have an Amazon Affiliate ID and API access.
    • If you don't have one already, wait for your site to be delivered and then use this site in your submission


Limited Availability

This Done-For-You Business in a Box (BIAB) opportunity is currently available in VERY limited quantities due to the effort required for this product.
This is a 12 month agreement. No refunds once sites are delivered. There is an orientation webinar, but no training - EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU

BIAB Only - No Network


+ $347 PER MONTH

Affiliate Product Website
Launched w/ 10+ Products that include reviews and videos
New Products Added Regularly

Lead Capture with CRM and Welcome Email

OPTINS incentivized with Monthly Free Trip Drawing (provided by MDS)

Branded accounts on Top Social Media sites with regular postings throughout 12 months - including your freshly released products

Paid traffic all year, but particularly during launch and 4th quarter

Hosting, Maintenance and  Backups

Webinar training; best practices

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+ $497 PER MONTH

Affiliate Product Website
Launched w/ 10+ Products that include reviews and videos
New Products Added Regularly

Lead Capture with CRM and Welcome Email

OPTINS incentivized with Monthly Free Trip Drawing (provided by MDS)

Branded accounts on Top Social Media sites with regular postings throughout 12 months - including your freshly released products

Paid traffic all year, but particularly during launch and 4th quarter

Three Site Network
(Total Up to 3 Million Pages)

We supply aged domains

BONUS: Proprietary Traffic Amplification System

Hosting, Maintenance and  Backups

Webinar training; best practices

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