Cybersecurity June 2018 DDM Monthly Webinar Replay

cybersecurity Jun 07, 2018

This month Rich Boyd, a certified and highly skilled Cybersecurity expert, joins us to talk about how the Internet of Things and mobile devices have blown holes in our network security.

We discuss ways that these avenues have been exploited to cost businesses trillions of dollars annually and what you and your clients can do to help prevent these losses happening to your business.

Among many of the questions answered are:

  • What’s the most Popular Cyber Crime today?
  • What is the current Biggest Security Threat to small businesses?
  • What’s the Number One thing I can do to Prevent Cyber Crime in my business now?

Watch the replay for answers to these, and other questions, and to get a good foundation on the actions you can take today to help keep cyber criminals at bay.

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7 Mind Bending AI Apps

The Future ... It's Close Enough to Smell.

AI promises not only to end internet marketing as we have known it, but to thin the ranks of those who make their living doing it.

Literally one marketer will be able to handle more clients, and do it FAR more effectively than anything at our disposal prior to now.

I've been looking at “AI Marketing Software” and all the new programs that have launched in the last 12 months.

Visitorqueue - advanced B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details and user data of the businesses that visit your website.

Rokt - connects related companies and offers people who purchased from one an incentive to make another, related purchase; AI software is used to present related offers more likely to convert based off of individual user behavior as well as past actions.

Rocco - learns your business, brand and voice; social-media marketing assistant that suggest appropriate fresh content that your followers are likely to...

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AI Alpha Membership - Opened for Limited Time

market domination May 22, 2018

This is long, but life changing .. please bare with me



I hate what internet marketing is - it's not just what it has become, but what it has always been.  Because this industry attracts a lot of folks trying to get out of their day-to-day job; beginners who are easy pickin's for unscrupulous marketers; it contains the worst marketing on the planet - hype filled nonsense that prays on the unsuspecting.

I’ve always rebelled against that.  (not that I didn’t participate in a bit of click bait from time to time   .. there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun)

So .. when I talk about ‘internet marketing’ it’s often with a bit of a sneer on my face.  But .. there’s ‘internet marketing’ and then there is that marketing that we do on the internet, which is also internet marketing .. all of the usual; SEO, social media, content marketing and the like.

Right now, I’m talking about that .. the way...

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2 May 18 - Lean Canvas Walk through with Armando Orta

webinar replay May 02, 2018


TRUE Unfair Advantages cannot be easily copied or bought. Examples include:

  • Inside Information (not the illegal kind);
  • A single-minded, uncompromising obsession with One Thing; Personal Authority
  • Community

You can get access to the lean canvas software here

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7 Mar 18 - Live Website SEO review

webinar replay Mar 07, 2018


Tool Sue is using:
Site speed analysis tool:
Enable gzip compression:
Cloudflare CDN:
Application to become a strategic partner

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