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market domination May 22, 2018

This is long, but life changing .. please bare with me



I hate what internet marketing is - it's not just what it has become, but what it has always been.  Because this industry attracts a lot of folks trying to get out of their day-to-day job; beginners who are easy pickin's for unscrupulous marketers; it contains the worst marketing on the planet - hype filled nonsense that prays on the unsuspecting.

I’ve always rebelled against that.  (not that I didn’t participate in a bit of click bait from time to time 😉  .. there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun)

So .. when I talk about ‘internet marketing’ it’s often with a bit of a sneer on my face.  But .. there’s ‘internet marketing’ and then there is that marketing that we do on the internet, which is also internet marketing .. all of the usual; SEO, social media, content marketing and the like.

Right now, I’m talking about that .. the way we have done marketing .. the way it has progressed from 1995 and the days of AltaVista to today.

The end of those days are upon us .. and now we enter a completely new Paradigm.  For those of you who live more under a rock than I do, let me introduce you to the basics that lay behind what Cambridge Analytica did for the presidential race a couple of years back - and how you can apply that same technology to your marketing today. (Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the the illegal part, where they purchased ill-gotten data, but rather how to get that data legally and how to use it, as they did, to help sway opinions and votes .. or in this case, purchases)

The New AI / Big Data Paradigm

This is NOT  "Internet Marketing".

This is the next MAJOR shift beyond the everything that has come before, and while the other previous methodologies will still be used for a while, their expiry date is very close - and everything is about to shift in a quantum way.

AI will be as revolutionary as the internet itself - it lets us customize marketing so we speak right to the pains and needs of the individual.  This has been foreshadowed, but either too expensive or too difficult to really take advantage of .. until now.

What we can do now, with the help of AI, and ‘big data’ is multifold; here are some of the highlights:

  1. We can identify a visitor on your site (not all, but a majority) - they don’t have to fill in a form, or give us an email address.  We don’t need for them to have a cookie. We can look at information like their mac address and know who they are. And because we can verify that data with companies like American Express, we know their real name, email address, phone number, etc. (this is called 'site identity resolution')
  2. We can track that visitor across all of their devices.
  3. Because we can track almost everything they do, we can figure out what they like, and what products they are in the market for.
  4. We can tailor the marketing we do to them so we put in front of them the products they need, when they need them, and explain it to them in a way that they want to hear

It seems serendipitous to them.  But they don’t think too much about it, because they need it .. so they purchase.

Just what do we track?   We follow 252 Million US Consumers as they do the following:



So what this IS .. is a dashboard for the new paradigm.  

We are creating partnerships with products we have vetted and we will incorporate everything you need.  For example, you’ll still find the need for a keyword tool and competitive analysis (and that will probably be the case until we move from language analysis to reading people’s minds).  

AND then there are the AI tools!

The first item on this dashboard: is access to the people who are interested in the products you and your clients have on offer.  AND pre-tested funnels .. so you can just get the hot leads, without doing any marketing yourself.

To be clear, this means you put in information about your product, and you are then given access to all the people in our system who our AI software indicates are currently in-market for your product.  You can then either market directly to those people yourself, or you can use our proven funnels to market to those people. These are the same funnels that generated the case studies here.  (NOTE: there is an extra fee for each product you want to do this for, above and beyond the subscription to our product).

The second Item on the dashboard:  In a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to do site identity resolution for people on YOUR site (or your client's site), so you can know who it is that visits the site.  This is different from a cookie because you can take this list of people anywhere; where as a Facebook cookie only lets you retarget on FB and a Google cookie only lets you retarget on Google.

Other products you need will follow quickly.  These will be other ways of talking to those people once they are in your funnel.  These are especially important for products with a long buying cycle. AND for resells, upsells and sidesells - which can 20x that initial purchase



Each business we partner with is going to offer their own special for you, our members.  We will include in your fee a base use for everything, but if you need to go beyond that basic use, we’ll have some way for you to buy extra credits.

Examples of partnerships:

  • AI Websites - which change for each visitor
  • AI Emails - which monitor what each recipient does and modifies its future deliveries to accommodate their behaviors
  • AI Content Creation - automated content that is good enough to put on your money site - think authority website that answers all your clients’ potential questions.
  • AI Content Marketing - content marketing taken to a whole new level
  • Smart (AI) Phone Retargeting
  • And oh so much more - we talked about this more in depth on the video

I want you to get in on the Artificial Intelligence movement sooner rather than later.  In a few months everyone will be talking about it, but right now you can get in on the ground floor and line up customers .. quietly .. while all the other marketers are still sleeping…  AND be positioned as an authority with experience when the bandwagon comes along with everybody else trying to jockey for position.

Doors are only open for a few more days:


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