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Sample Cracked and Condensed Courses

Digital Marketing Domination

  1. Website
    • Existing site evaluation
    • Themes & plugins
    • SEO
    • Outsourcing Resources
    • Psychology of Marketing
    • Taking on a client
  2. Local Lead Generation Funnel
    • Market segments
    • Pains
    • Product Evaluation
    • Lead Magnets
    • Landing Page (Squeeze page)
    • Sales Page
    • Opt-in / initial email
  3. Email Marketing
    • Segmenting list
    • Auto responders
    • Broadcasts
    • Getting into InBox
  4. Inbound Links
    • Sniping Competitor’s Best Links
    • Blogging
    • Social
    • Press Releases
    • Content / videos
    • What to avoid
  5. Paid Advertising
    • Trip Wires
    • FB / Instagram
    • Google / Youtube / Display Network
    • Twitter / Pinterest
  6. Engagement and Calls to Action
    • Onsite and Cross Platform Engagement
    • ChatBots and Human Chatting
    • Integrated Funnel Applications


Beside these foundational concepts we'll create a plug and play framework where new software, technologies and strategies can be swapped in and out. 

We will also tackle different markets so you'll have a library of ready-to-go material for any niche you encounter.


JUST $37/Month

Available NOW Brand New ESSENTIALS for 2020

Digital Marketing BARE NECESSITIES. Fresh from my last 12 months of Marketing Endeavors.

Just know that we are here for one reason .. and one reason only.  World Domination.

To that end, the premise behind this training is to be brief and to the point because you have a WORLD TO DOMINATE!

This is not basic training.  It's Essential Training.

I will cover those things which can be done wrong, or in such a way that you could get yourself into a world of hurt later.

I'll also talk about my preferences for resources like wordpress themes and plugins that have been honed over the last 12 months and that work flawlessly together. 

This collection of "blades" are intensely resource heavy.  Designed to be consumed quickly and referred to regularly.  One new foundational topic every month.  Constant updates as the internet changes.


Rob Anderson Testimonial

Month One Reviewed



(The First Month of) Market Domination is a complete course from site design & set up , through to SEO,  Branding.& Conversion. As a seasoned SEO of 15 years, I was pleasantly surprised to still learn new things;  I furiously scribbled note after note while going through it.
Sue is a true "rocket scientist" when it comes to SEO, so you're always confident that her recommendations are there for a reason - they're tried and tested in the trenches.
It was refreshing that the course can be read,  rather than watch endless time consuming videos which seems to be the norm these days.
Whether you're just starting out or a veteran looking for that extra "edge", you'll definitely benefit from Market Domination.

--Rob Porter
Digital Edge Media

Marketing domination (1st Month) was a fantastic course and is a great walk-through which takes you through SEO - On-Page optimization to site wide optimization. The resource section is very informative which encompasses a new client website checklist as well as some very informative info regarding SSL and what you should/should not be doing. A complete list for outsourcing and many more was the number 1 on my list! I thoroughly enjoyed the Website creation section as well as the Psychology of Marketing section (my 2 weak points). A highly recommended course!

--Dave McCormack


This (first month) is an excellent course that will bring both novice and more experienced individuals quickly up to speed on what it takes to get the most out of their website development and maintenance efforts at the lowest possible cost while reducing the usual angst one normally experiences.

Neil Aronson

Hey Sue - AWESOME JOB ON THE NEW COURSE!!!!   It flowed very well to each topic, got in depth where it was necessary.   INCREDIBLE INFORMATION...WELL DONE MISS DOMINATRIX!!! Content was exceptional and your writing skills are among the best… Thank you for allowing me to review the course... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Vince Ilardi

JUST $37/Month


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