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I want to massively increase sales, profits and client loyalty for myself and millions of desperate businesses!

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Get Ready to Dominate Local Media

Become a Local Media Mogul

Provide desperately needed local magazine and TV advertising to over 3 Million small businesses at extraordinary prices; giving them an opportunity previously out of reach to them!  All done hands-free.

Giant Share of Adverator Profits

25% of Adverator Prices with the right to keep Adverator in the background and the License to Mark Up Prices as you see fit.

Friction-Free Fast Track to Sales

Start selling ads within a week from joining the program.

  • 3-Day A-Z Bootcamp
  • Your Own ready-to-go professional website
  • Funnels DFY
  • Pre-qualified leads that are ready for you to contact.
  • Offer Quick-Qualify Loans to ease Client Cash-flow
  • Follow-up, Payments and Creatives all DFY

Access to 10s of Thousands of Business Advertising Right Now

Search for companies in your locale already spending money on media - find out how much they are spending and on what; reserve them and offer them a better deal! (value - $75,000)

Client Management for You and Your Team

Access to Adverator’s Agency Dashboard for multiple client management for you and your team.

Order and Forget

Adverator success team will make sure to follow-up with your clients on payment and creative

The Insane List of Everything You Get

  • Adverator Dashboard for you and your team
  • 25% of Adverator Prices  w/ License to Mark Up Pricing
  • 3 Day A-Z Bootcamp
    Adverator/Umbrella Expert Media Consultant Certification
  • Ecommerce Super Branding Special
    Agency Status - Adverator Follows up on Payment and Creatives
  • Tens of Thousands of Low Hanging Fruit Businesses (New added each month)
  • Marketing and Social Proof
  • Lead Generation Machine
  • Lead Generation Agency WebsiteTV Spots DFY
  • Radio Spots DFY
  • Direct Mail (Postcards) DFY
  • Transit Ads DFY
  • Google Ad Network Traffic DFY
  • Display Advertising DFY
  • Branding ads on Top Online Publishers
  • Outsource Creatives and Video Creation
  • Offer Loans to pay for your Services

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